Thank You for Showing Us

At HemoCue, we are so grateful to all of our nation's healthcare workers for your incredible bravery, sacrifice and heroism during this pandemic. From the lab managers to the office administrators, every one of you exemplifies the point of care.

Our Featured Portraits:

"POCT has given way for our resilient team to make rapid decisions especially in a time of crisis. I am so proud to be able to help our patients in an efficient and precise manner. Together we will overcome this trying time.”

Diana worked tirelessly for 17 straight days to ensure her staff had the correct PPE and right products to provide care to all their patients. Diana's ability to put others needs before her own is truly inspiring and continues to remind us that we are all in this together.


"Despite the changes and hurdles the pandemic has created we are still able to provide the same level of service we always have. We are here for our customers when they need us and we truly try our best to do what we can to help them. I know our customers see that and that's the difference with HemoCue, we care.”

HemoCue offers our OnCue Support program, but we know that the program is more than the name it is the people in the departments, such as Adam who impact our customers. Adams product knowledge and exemplary customer service truly breathes life into this program and is the spirit behind it.

Point of Care Campaign Sam Bree

"We’ve been asked to change rapidly, with our Health System being geared towards process improvement, analysis and impact, we have not been shaken! COVID has proved just how valuable this small niche area of the medical field is and its impact on patient and community care. Bedside testing was popular before, now I believe we are seeing a shift in laboratory medicine to more and more Point of Care testing. We’re a small group of energetic people who are making a significant impact.”

Sam's commitment to her health system during this pandemic has been inspiring. Sam has stayed focused on improving patient care and has kept a positive attitude through this difficult time. Her dedication and compassion for her institution is remarkable.

"During the past few years Point of Care testing has increased in popularity among the medical community and, with that, the spread of this type of testing among the general population. This allows for laboratory science, a once “behind the scenes” role in health care, to become more visible. It gives us all who are working in the laboratory an invaluable opportunity to speak to our day to day responsibilities and educate everyone to our vital role in caring for our patients."

Betty has an unwavering commitment to her institution and has been there 35 years. She works in the laboratory and has not missed a day since the pandemic hit, she is committed to quality testing in the lab and at the bedside and is passionate about the patients as well as her colleagues.

"Success is contagious when you surround yourself with positive, passionate people who strive for the same goal: improving quality of life! When I joined the HemoCue sales team, it was evident that each and every one of my fellow colleagues were passionate about helping improve the knowledge around Point of Care testing. When you believe in what your selling and see the impact it has on lives, it goes from being a career to a dream!”

Mel Horne performed training virtually for Baylor Scott and White nurses. They are required to do proficiency training annually and it was due during the COVID pandemic. Mel worked to put together a virtual training to go through proper system use and capillary sampling technique. The Baylor clinics use both our Hb and Glucose systems with 300+ locations and 60+ nurses. Mel was able to organize and execute this training for her customer despite the pandemic and truly embodies the spirit of our OnCue™ Support.

"The pandemic has placed the laboratory in the spotlight. As laboratorians we have always understood how important laboratory tests and rapid results are to medical diagnosis, but now all the world does."

 Catherine believes in and understands the benefits of a fast and accurate result at the point of care, particularly during the COVID pandemic. Catherine always strives for the highest quality of care for the patients she serves and her steadfast approach during these difficult days has been an example to many.

HemoCue Territory Manager

"The customer does not care how much you know about your product, until they know how much you care about them and their practice.”

Travis Hammond's commitment to his customers has not waivered during this pandemic. Wearing proper PPE he honored his customer's request for a face-to-face product demonstration. He successfully performed the requested demonstration and upgraded the customer to our HemoCue® Hb 801 System. Travis truly reminds us what the point of care is through his dedication to his customers.

2020 Has Been a Year Like No Other.
The COVID-19 pandemic.  In our opinion, no other word describes the past few months more accurately than chaotic. In such times, it’s easy to lose sight of our purpose.

As we continue to weather the unknowns of this pandemic, we know one thing is not out of sight among caring healthcare providers – other patient care needs don’t cease. 

Doing everything possible to protect your patients, going the extra mile to care for your patients, that’s the point of care.  As we’ve tried to remain in close (virtual) contact to support our customers, we’ve learned of many extraordinary efforts that have been taken to ensure exceptional patient care goes on. 

As a healthcare provider, we honor your commitment.  We want to commend you and share your contributions as inspiration for HemoCue's “The Point of Care” campaign. 

HemoCue OnCue™ Support:

From everyday questions to optimizing your HemoCue experience, we aim to provide the best support at every turn.
We manufacture and support every product we offer, so no one knows our products better than the HemoCue OnCue™ Experts. One call is all it takes to get answers fast—no getting bounced around and no empty promises. That’s our commitment to you.
  • Your local HemoCue representative is available via phone, virtually, and live for demos with proper PPE and social distancing
  • Online training is available 24/7 at the HemoCue OnCue™ Education website
  • Live customer service and technical support teams are working from home and available for calls Monday through Friday, 6:00 am to 4:00 pm PST
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Again, Thank You!

If there is anything HemoCue can be doing to better service you during COVID, please let us know.