Hemoccult ICT - Improved Patient Care & Compliance

Hemoccult ICT blood testHemoccult ICT is clinically proven to detect bleeding associated with more cancers and polyps than traditional guaiac-based tests. The most advanced Hemoccult fecal occult blood test, Hemoccult ICT offers specificity for lower GI bleeding, making it an ideal screening tool for colorectal cancer. Help avoid false positives with an optimal limit of detection and a multi-day sampling protocol for improved clinical sensitivity.

  • Higher clinical sensitivity
  • No dietary or drug restrictions
  • Excellent 14-day dry-slide stability
  • Patient education tools and compliance materials
  • Detection of more true positives
  • CLIA-waived


Occult blood may help identify bleeding polyps or adenomas, as well as aid in the early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC). The Hemoccult ICT has increased specificity for lower GI bleeding.

An advanced immunochemical FOBT (iFOBT) with high specificity and sensitivity, Hemoccult ICT has been clinically proven to detect bleeding associated with more polyps and cancers than traditional guaiac-based FOBTs.  With high specificity, it also decreases the number of false positive test results. Safe and non-invasive, Hemoccult ICT is very patient-friendly, as there are no diet or drug restrictions for patients to follow while they are using it, thereby increasing patient compliance.



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