Centrifuge Consumables

Our portfolio of consumables are convenient, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic to ensure the safety of your staff and the quality of your results.

StatSpin LipoClear Plus

StatSpin LipoClear Plus image

Lipemia clearing reagent in 30ml size for higher volume laboratories. Convenient, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic reagent clears lipemic samples in 3 minutes with a StatSpin Express 2, Express 3 or Express 4. Tubes can also be spun in other centrifuges.

Simple procedure - add lipemic serum/plasma, mix and let stand for 5 minutes, then centrifuge.

Results are multiplied by a 1.2 factor when finished. Safe, effective and inexpensive - LipoClear will not affect enzymes and bilirubin. 


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StatSpin Urine Tubes

StatSpin Urine Tubes imageUnique micro-method correlates with standard procedure. Only 1.5 mL of urine is needed; precalibrated conical tube with flip cap makes filling and decanting easy. 45 second spin time in your StatSpin . For use in RT12 tube rotor.

  • TU15-10   Precalibrated urine tubes, 1.5 mL with flip cap, 500/pk. 

StatSpin SafeCrit

Ensure health care personnel safety by eliminating exposure to glass fragments with StatSpin SafeCrit plastic hematocrit tubes. For performance, economics and safety purposes, choose StatSpin SafeCrit.

Hematocrit Plastic Tubes

100% plastic hematocrit tubes. Eliminates the risk of infectious disease transmitted by blood via broken glass. SafeCrit Tubes are available with heparin for "finger-stick" samples or untreated for anticoagulated venous samples. Tubes available in 2 lengths: 40 mm and 75 mm. The 40 mm tubes are made for use with StatSpin centrifuges and the CritSpin Hematocrit system. 75 mm tubes are for use in conventional centrifuges which support the full length of the tube. 


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