Blood Transfusion Management

HemoCue provides total hemoglobin solutions, from blood collection to blood transfusion. Our hemoglobin system is the trusted technology for precision and lab accuracy around the world. 

Majority of hospitals and IDN’s today have implemented or are currently implementing various protocols to better manage blood utilization. It is our goal is to partner with hospitals in improving the efficiencies of blood transfusions by providing a lab-accurate, point-of-care hemoglobin result in less than 60 seconds.

Point-of-care technology can be an important diagnostic tool used in various hospital care settings such as the Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room and the Emergency Department.

With the HemoCue® Hemoglobin Systems you can reduce pre and post analytic errors by eliminating sample transportation or sample mix-up. Immediate hemoglobin results with a hand-device allows for convenient and instant medical decision-making.

Better transfusion decision-making can result in:

  • Improved patient and surgical outcomes related to transfusions
  • Fewer transfusions 
  • Minimize infection risks associated with  transfusions 
  • Lower readmission rates associated with transfusions
  • Decreases overall length of hospital stay associated with transfusions
  • Lower costs (units of blood used) associated with transfusions

Blood Management Timeline

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