HemoCue Data Management Systems

HemoCue 201 DM systems bring modern data management capabilities to the HemoCue product line. Available for both glucose and hemoglobin testing, they offer healthcare providers faster data availability, increased regulatory compliance and improved administration. HemoCue 201 DM systems allow health care providers to ensure the authorized and appropriate use of HemoCue Analyzers. By means of a wide range of settings and definable options, the systems can be made to prompt the operator for identification, lot numbers, quality control and other required information during analysis. This data is then transmitted to clinical information systems.
HemoCue 201 DM
  • System for hemoglobin and glucose
  • Full connectivity possibility
  • Compliance with POCT1-A (CIC standard)


  • Analyzer
  • Docking station (primary, secondary)
  • Microcuvettes (in vials or individually packed)

  • Network (LAN)
  • USB


Can be customized by activating or deactivating the following:

  • Operator ID input (access denied if ID not recognized)
  • Patient ID input
  • Lab number input
  • Cuvette lot data input
  • Password protection
  • Linearity and proficiency testing
  • STAT tests
  • Critical value alert
  • QC control with input of lot numbers and range (plus lockout functions and reminder time)

Docking station

  • Network communication with a pre-defined destination (PC or Data Management Server) via the primary docking station
  • Recharges analyzer battery while analyzer is docked
  • Allows measurements to be performed while analyzer is docked
  • Up to 4 secondary docking stations can be connected to one primary docking station


HemoCue 201 DM - DMS Software

  • Generates Patient and QC reports
  • Controls analyzers remotely (LAN/WAN)
  • Allows downloading of patient and QC data
  • Allows changing of operator lists, control lots, etc.
  • Allows downloading of instrument configurations
  • Can forward measurements to host system using CLSI POCT1-A

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