A Pioneer in Point-of-Care Testing

Since 1982, HemoCue develops, produces and markets point-of-care medical devices. The unique concept behind each HemoCue product allows for near-patient testing without sacrificing the precision and accuracy offered by a lab instrument. As early as 1974, the two inventors of the HemoCue system, Sven-Erik Nilsson and Jan Lilja, started working on the development of the microcuvette concept. This is the key to making complex testing both simple and reliable.

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Improving preventive healthcare worldwide

Today HemoCue products are being used in more than 130 countries. Working with healthcare professionals within various clinical areas all over the world, we have developed a profound understanding of your varying needs. These insights, combined with our extensive knowledge, experience and innovation, help us develop the point-of care testing solutions of tomorrow.

We are convinced that HemoCue point-of-care testing contributes to better healthcare, by providing the data you need, when and where you need it, in order to make accurate healthcare decisions quickly. This is what we focus our efforts on. While doing so, we are equally committed to respecting both internal policies and external regulations.


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